Open A Business In RH

Thank you for choosing the City of Richmond Heights for your business! We are here to help you at any step along the way.

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Use the drop-down menu below to view the City's "Starting Your Business in Richmond Heights" checklist. If you have questions, please contact the Building Department by calling 314-646-7658 or the Assistant City Manager at 314-655-3501. 

To view a flowchart of how to Open a Business in RH, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

STEP 1: Setting up your business
STEP 2: Making Contact with the City
  • Confirm your business use is allowed in the property’s zoning district. 
    • Contact the Building Department, 314-646-7658
    • If a Conditional Use Permit or Variance is required for zoning, you will need to go through the Planning & Zoning Commission and/or the Board of Adjustment. 
  • Establish contact with the Assistant City Manager for business, merchant, and liquor licensing
    • 314-655-3501
    • RH licensing forms (except NEW liquor licenses) can be completed online
    • Licenses may be issued after an occupancy permit has  been received
STEP 3: Complete all necessary applications
Any person who wishes to serve alcohol at a business or commercial establishment within the City of Richmond Heights is required to obtain a liquor license. These licenses are renewed each July and are presented to the City Council for approval. 

Complete the City’s Merchant License Application online here

For questions, call the Assistant City Manager's Office, 314-655-3501 or email

Contact St.Louis County Department of Health if your business will involve food prep and/or food service.
St. Louis County Health Dept.

If your business will be selling packaged liquor or liquor by the drink, you must obtain the following three permits:

For questions, call Assistant City Manager, 314-655-3501 or email
STEP 4: Set up your services & utilities
  • Apply for gas service.
  • Apply for electric service.
  • Apply for telephone/communications service.
  • Apply for water service.
  • Apply for sewer service.
  • Choose a solid waste service provider.
  • Apply for mail service with the United States Postal Service USPS. Find a list of helpful phone numbers here.
Important phone numbers & other resources
Building Department / Planning & Zoning

Assistant City Manager - Business, Merchant, and Liquor Licensing

St. Louis County Department of Health

Missouri Secretary of State
(573) 751-4153