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Bringing PARC Lifeguards Back!

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2011 June-December 11

Unfortunately due to a national shortage hiring lifeguards has been extremely difficult. So we are here to remind you of the reasons why YOU should be a lifeguard!

  1. High and Competitive Pay! Our lifeguards make $15/hour. That's $4.70 more than  Missouri's minimum wage!
  2. Great Part-Time Benefits! Our employees accrue vacation and sick time. You will also receive FREE access to THE HEIGHTS and have the option to sign-up your family for only $115/year.
  3. Work with Friends! Lifeguarding is a great job for anyone, especially young teens. Recruit your friends and work together while making lots of money, what teenage dreams are made of!
  4. Trained in Lifesaving Skills! Lifeguards are trained by the best. You'll learn CPR, first aid, water safety and water rescue techniques. These important lifesaving skills will carry on with you throughout your lifetime, even when your days of lifeguarding have ended.
  5. Paid Training and Certification Courses! That's right, we will pay for your initial certification courses as well as your annual re-certification courses. To make it even easier it can all be done in house by our own staff!
  6. Provided Uniform! A swimsuit, t-shirt and whistle will be paid for by us. Lifeguard suits are not cheap and we will make sure the cost is covered.
  7. Flexible Scheduling! We will work with your schedule to make sure you are only working the shifts you tell us you are available to work.
  8. Lots of Hours! If you are in need of lots of hours we can schedule you for up to 28 hours a week!
  9. Awesome Management Team! Our management team has been rebuilt since our last time hiring in house and we can assure you that they will lead you towards success and make sure you have the tools and training needed to excel in your position.
  10. Daytime and Nighttime Shifts! We have shifts available from 5:30am until 8pm making it easy to fit yourself into our schedule.

WANT TO BE A LIFEGUARD? To qualify for the position you must be fully vaccinated, be able to swim 300 yards, tread water for 2 minutes with no hands and dive to the bottom of the pool. What are you waiting for? Join our team and apply at today!

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