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Richmond Heights is a home rule Missouri city with the council-manager form of government established by City Charter.

This form of local government parallels the organization of a business corporation: voters elect a nonpartisan council, including the mayor, which, in turn, appoints a manager or chief administrative officer.  The appointed manager abstains from all political involvement, and implements council policies.  Politics is removed from day-to-day operations. All members of the community are treated fairly and equitably.  Council members, including the mayor, are expected to refrain from giving staff direction other than official policy decisions made on the dias via a quorum. Council members do not get involved in personnel and other administrative matters.  The manager is responsible for municipal administration and all department directors report to the manager.

The Office of the City Manager (OCM) encompasses a wide array of responsibilities and executive support functions that enable all other municipal departments to function efficiently and effectively. These support services include human resources, contract negotiations, public relations, information systems and technologies, public records, and other interrelated functions and duties.

OCM works to ensure that all city government functions are carried out in accordance with the City Charter, the Municipal Code, state statutes, and applicable federal laws and guidelines. The OCM staff provides the Mayor and City Council Members with the information they need to set informed policy direction for the City and its residents. OCM also monitors, evaluates and responds to employee issues and concerns so the Richmond Heights work environment is conducive to interpersonal communication, innovation, and employee initiative, generating high-quality services for our residents. In addition, OCM promotes the City through publications, public meetings, participation in special events, regional cooperation, and professional organizations.

Business, Merchant, and Liquor Licensing

OCM also issues Business, Merchant, and Liquor Licenses. Learn more here.
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For questions, email Pam Hylton, Assistant City Manager, at or call 314-655-3501.

How to Open a Business in Richmond Heights, MO

Solicitation Permits

The City of Richmond Heights issues solicitation permits only to non-profit organizations. An application must be filed with the City Clerk at the front desk, and a nominal fee is collected to cover the cost of a background check. Click here to download a copy of the Solicitation Application. Any person or organization that seeks to solicit for profit will not be issued a solicitation permit.

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Office of the City Manager
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