Police Department

From the appointment of the City’s first marshal in 1912 until today, the Richmond Heights Police Department has progressed from a reactive department to a proactive department through the implementation of the "community policing philosophy" and through the utilization of modern technology to combat crime.

Through educational programs at the local elementary schools, the Police Department works at helping children stay out of trouble and become vital members of society. 

Also, in order to deter crime before it is committed, the Police Department has sub-stations located at Saint Louis Galleria and The Boulevard-Saint Louis, thereby providing a pleasant, enjoyable experience for visiting our City.

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Richmond Heights Community Camera Program

RHPD General Order 15 Use of Force
RHPD General Order 21 (Pursuits)
RHPD General Order 36.1 Training

Doug Schaeffler new pic 

Doug Schaeffler

Chief of Police 



Police Department
7447 Dale Ave.

P: (314) 655-3630

F: (314) 655-3635