Winter Weather Reminders

If snow and/or other winter weather is headed our way, here's a fewsnow plow reminders from the City. 

* For residents with driveways, please park off the street if possible to help ensure the most safe and effective snow removal.
* Be sure to stock up on any items you may need for winter weather removal at your home before the need arises. 
* Check your outside water sources are turned off and hoses removed.

Watch this video from MODoT on how they plow the area. Staffing issues continue to be a concern for MODot (like many other places). Please be patient and plan ahead when winter weather arrives.

Inclement Weather Policies

For THE HEIGHTS Community Center Inclement Weather Policy, if MRH Schools are closed, the Community Center will be closed as well.  

PARC Van Service
* During inclement weather, if MRH schools are closed, the Van service will be cancelled for the day.