Advisory Boards & Commissions

The Richmond Heights City Council and its staff are aided in their efforts to provide residents with quality leadership and services by the efforts of many dedicated residents who, collectively, devote hundreds of hours to the city’s advisory boards, committees and commissions.

The input of these individuals helps shape the politics by which the City operates. The input of the board and commission members to the City Council and staff enables our City’s government to reflect the attitudes and values of residents while simultaneously setting a standard for the services they expect. The City Council appoints interested residents to fill vacancies on these boards and commissions as they occur. If you are interested in sharing your skills and experiences as a member of an advisory board, committee, or commission should a vacancy occur, please take a moment to send a brief note to the Executive Office, City Hall, 1330 S. Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights, MO 63117.

* To view the agendas, minutes, and notices for the City's Advisory Boards, Commissions, and City Council, click here.
* To view the applications for Board of Adjustment and Plan & Zoning Commission, click here.

The City’s advisory boards and commissions consist of the following:

Board of Adjustment – Considers applications for variances to the City’s Zoning Ordinance.

Plan & Zoning Commission – Advises the City Council on all requests for rezoning, re-subdivisions, site plan approval, and conditional use permits (C.U.P.s). Reviews all development proposals for compatibility with various architectural, civil engineering and municipal planning standards established by the City.

Police and Fire Pension Board – Oversees all fiscal matters pertaining to the Police and Fire officers’ pension funds.

Library Board - The Board works with the Director of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library to ensure that the Library fulfills its mission to resident and nonresident patrons.

For more information about the board and commissions of the City of Richmond Heights, please review the Guide to Citizens Advisory Boards, Committees and Commission manual.

Board of Adjustment and Appeals

  • Brooks, Jim
  • Ferrara, Susan
  • Gordon, Ken
  • Mueller, Mark
  • Westfall, Mark
  • Gurney, Ken  Alternate
  • Johnson, Derwin  Alternate

Library Board

  • Agard, Constance 
  • Barker, Jane
  • Haggerty, Jr., William 
  • Klingenberg, Jolene 
  • Niehaus, Janice 
  • Rutherford, Gail 
  • Selinger, Kathleen 
  • Vann Dunn, Sylvester 
  • Williams, Judy

Plan and Zoning Commission

  • Clavers, Neil
  • Franke, L. Andrew 
  • Kerns, Kurt 
  • Kopolow, Michele 
  • Lloyd, Jodie 
  • Pratl, Michael 
  • Renz, James 
  • Sims, Marylynn
  • Summers, Barbara 

Police and Fire Pension Board of Trustees

  • Day, Timothy 
  • Hamilton, Amy 
  • Hebenstreit, Danny 
  • Holmes, Stephen 
  • Jones, Michael 
  • Niemeier, Stephen 
  • Rohr, Gerry