Effective August 21st, the Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a change in our tariff regarding service lines in St. Louis County. 


Below is a summary of the changes:

  • Missouri American Water (MOAW) will take responsibility for the maintenance and replacement, if needed, for the portion of the service line traditionally owned by the water service provider (from the water main to the curb stop or meter box).  MOAW will assume ownership of the service line from the water main to the curb stop or meter box when maintenance or replacement work is performed.  
  • If MOAW encounters a service line containing lead while doing maintenance or replacement, we will replace all of the lead in the service line, including any lead in the portion of the service line owned by the property owner.
  • These changes apply to both residential and non-residential service lines.  
  • With these changes, the County Service Line Protection Program would only continue to be utilized for leaks that occur on 1) non-lead residential service lines, and 2) the portion of the service line from the curb stop or meter box to the building premise.  
  • New service line installations from the main to the meter box will be the responsibility of MOAW.
  • All service line work will continue to be done in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances.


MOAW is committed to providing clean, safe, reliable water service to their customers, and these changes will allow them to address service line issues quickly and safely.  The change will also bring parity in how service line ownership and maintenance responsibilities are handled in St. Louis County and throughout the state.