Leaf Vacuum Service

The 2023-24 leaf season is almost over! The schedule is below.
It's also in the latest Community Update here

Please read the following notes about the Leaf Vacuum Service. 

  • To request a paper map be mailed to you, please call 314-645-0404.
  • Leaf Vacuum Service runs November through January. Year round, leaves may be put into biodegradable bags or reusable trash cans (no plastic bags!) and put at the curb (not in the street) on waste pickup days.
  • Did you know the City pays $20,000 EVERY MONTH for yard waste pickup? So let's use it! Year round, residents can utilize the City's free, unlimited yard waste pickup on their regular weekly collection day through Republic Services. Leaves must be placed in reusable trash cans marked as yard waste or paper yard waste bags (no plastic bags).
  • Better yet, skip bagging your yard waste -- mulch your grass clippings and leaves with your lawnmower to help FEED your lawn! Here's a great resource on how to help!
  • Leaves must be out 1 day before pickup starts; please refrain from placing leaves out more than a few days before your  pickup days. 
  • Do not place leaf piles in the street, as this can clog sewers and cause flooding or start fires. Leaf piles should be placed in the tree lawn, between the street and the sidewalk.  If you do not have a tree lawn, place leaves on grass before the curb.
  • Try to park your vehicle at least 3-feet away from the leaf piles so they are accessible.  
  • Leaf piles with branches or non-biodegradable material, such as glass, etc. can damage City equipment and will not be picked up.
For more information about leaf vacuuming, call Public Works at 314-645-2277.
leaf vac schedule 2023-23

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