Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to place a POD or dumpster on or near my property?
PODs are NOT allowed on city-owned property at any time. Dumpsters placed on the City right-of-way require the prior approval of the Public Works Director and a $25 non-refundable permit fee. Call (314) 645-2277 for more information.

Find the Dumpster Permit Application and Instructions here.
What if my trash or recycling can gets broken or is missing? What if there is an issue with the waste hauler?
For your trash can or other issues with the waste hauler, please call Republic Services Customer Service at (636) 947-5959. (If you are unsuccessful, please contact the Public Works Department at 314-645-2277.)

For your recycling can, please contact Richmond Heights Public Works at 314-645-2277. 
How do I get the trash hauler to pick up a bulk item like an appliance or other large item?
Call Republic Services at (636) 947-5959 and schedule a pickup day. This service is FREE and unlimited to City of Richmond Heights residents. Some items like electronics may incur a fee.
The street light in front of my house is out, who do I call?

You can call Ameren UE at (314) 342-1111 but you must have the closest address and a pole number. The pole number is located on the pole on a silver plate. You may give this info to the Public Works Department and we will call Ameren UE for you as a courtesy.

What if I suspect I am having problems with my sewer line?
First step is to call a plumber to try to open the line. If he or she cannot, or find a problem after opening the line, you should call the Sewer Lateral number at (314) 267-5477.

More information on the Sewer Lateral Repair Program here.
How do I dispose of old paint and hazardous chemicals?
Many common products are hazardous because they contain chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, flammable or reactive. Improper disposal (pouring down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or in some cases putting them out with the trash) can harm the environment and a pose a threat to human health. First and foremost, you should try to reduce the amount of unused, unwanted, or leftover household chemicals you create. With a little planning it is easy to avoid creating HHW! Visit their site here.

Also, check out the St. Louis County Department of Health's Recycle Wizard.

Other disposal information here
What do I do if the sidewalk in front of my property is cracked or poses a tripping hazard?
If a trip hazard exists on public property, please Report a Concern here.

Issues will be repaired or replaced on a priority basis.
Which streets does Public Works maintain?

The City of Richmond Heights Public Works department maintains public streets within the City limits. The City is bordered by/contains St. Louis County roads like Hanley Rd, Clayton Rd., Big Bend Blvd, McKnight Rd, and Brentwood Blvd. If there is an issue pertaining to one of these roads, please contact St. Louis County Roads and Transportation by calling 314-615-8504 or visit their website here