Welcome to Trees/Urban Forestry Management Program

The Parks and Recreation Department is charged with the management of Richmond Heights’ urban forest. Street and park trees contribute significantly to the physical makeup of our City and are one our most cherished features. Trees add to Richmond Heights’ beauty and livability. Our Urban Forestry Management Program involves the planting of new and replacement trees, the maintenance of existing trees, mainly through pruning, and the removal of trees that have died, are considered hazardous or have other non correctable problems.

The City of Richmond Heights has over 6000 trees in our City owned inventory. Trees help to improve air quality, reduce local air temperatures, and play an important role in achieving a quality living community.

For detailed information regarding planting, pruning and removal policies and schedules, please check the following links.

City of Richmond Heights Urban Forestry Management Plan

Tree Ordinances

Tree Planting

Tree Pruning

Tree Removal

Tree Care - After the Storm

Other Urban Forest related websites:

Trees Are Good

International Society of Arboriculture

National Arborist Association

Emerald Ash Borer Website

Arbor Day Foundation

Trees Work


We also have many paper brochures located at THE HEIGHTS near the entrance to the Parks and Recreation offices that relate to tree care.