Frequently Asked Questions

What is PARC?

The Parks and Recreation Cooperative, PARC, began in 2003 in an effort to jointly serve the citizens of Maplewood, Brentwood and Richmond Heights.  Residents of all three communities may use each other's parks and recreation facilities, including the Brentwood Ice Rink, the Maplewood Family Aquatic Center, and THE HEIGHTS, all at resident rates.  We also offer programs, facility and park rentals at the reduced rate for our constituents as well.
What do I need to do to register for an Annual HEIGHTS membership?
You will need to have proof of residency (occupancy permit, unpaid utility bill, or current year’s personal property tax receipt), fill out the forms and pay with either cash, check or charge (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express).
What do I need to prove residency?

Residents of Richmond Heights, Maplewood, or Brentwood will need a current photo ID along with one of the following: unpaid utility bill, last year's personal property tax receipt, or current occupancy permit. For a family membership an occupancy permit is required.

Who can use the facility?
The facility is available to all users, regardless of residency. You do not have to live in the city of Richmond Heights to use THE HEIGHTS.

Weekend non-resident policy: in order to better serve our members and residents, weekend admission will be restricted to residents and members of THE HEIGHTS. 
Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are offered to Richmond Heights and Maplewood residents. You must fill out an application and submit the required documents. The scholarship is for memberships or programs. The maximum amount awarded yearly is $250 for an individual or $400 for a family. Click here for application. 

How do I contact van services to schedule a ride on the bus?

PARC offers free transportation to resident adults 55 and older and to disabled residents of Richmond Heights and Maplewood. Before you can use the service, you must complete a “Van Rider Information” sheet. Download and complete the form here. For reservations, call (314) 655-3667 at least one day before you need a ride. Service is available Tuesday through Friday, 8am-2pm.
For questions about our Van Service please call 314-655-3667 or email vandriver@richmondheights.org .

What features are inside your aquatic center?

THE HEIGHTS Indoor Aquatic Center has 4 lap lanes, a lazy river, hot tub, sauna, steam room and a splash pad!
Learn more about the aquatic center here. See photos here.

What is the temperature of the pool water?

We strive to keep the temperature between 82 and 84 to accommodate lap swimmers, swim lessons, and open swim time. The temperature may seem to vary depending on outside air temperatures and body temperature.

Where is the Maplewood Family Aquatic Center located?

7550 Lohmeyer (directly behind Maplewood City Hall). View this map.

Does the City prune the trees behind my house under the power lines?
The utility companies generally have a utility easement in the area where their utility lines are located, whether it be above or below ground. The adjacent property owner is restricted in what is allowed within this easement (sheds, driveways, structures). Any vegetation (trees, shrubs, etc.) which are planted within this easement by the property owner are the property owners responsibility, as long as they do not interfere with the provision of the utility. At the point the vegetation becomes a safety risk, the utility company may prune, cut back and/or remove the vegetation. The City of Richmond Heights does not contract for or provide pruning of this vegetation or the trees on private property. If you notice a problem with trees or vegetation that has grown closer than 10’ of the utility lines, contact Ameren-UE at 1-800-552-7583.

Generally, it is a good rule of thumb to not plant trees or other vegetation which will grow up into utility lines and require ongoing pruning and maintenance. Learn more about proper tree planting and care here.
Can I plant trees in the area between the City street and sidewalk in front of my house?

The City of Richmond Heights currently provides planting and maintenance of trees located along city streets between the sidewalk and the street. If you would like to request a tree be planted or notice a problem with a tree within that area, please contact our City Forester at (314) 655-3656. Requests can be made anytime of the year but planting only occurs in April and November.  Planting of trees within the right of way is covered under Municipal Ordinance 255.140.

Can I prune or cut down a tree between the City street and sidewalk in front of my house?
No, City Street Trees and trees located on other City property are protected by Municipal Ordinance 255.110 and 255.150. If tree removal is for single family residential development of a single property, the property owner may request that the tree be removed. The City Forester will review the proposed plan and make recommendation for further action prior to work beginning. Municipal Ordinance 255.210 protects trees and shrubs located on public property and rights of way.
How can I help get more trees planted along city streets?

The City of Richmond Heights Park Operations Division accepts donations to our Street Tree Planting Fund for the planting and maintenance of trees located along city streets between the city street and the sidewalk. For further information about donating contact our City Forester at (314) 655-3656.

Do you still offer mulch or wood chips?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer this service as a new storage site was unable to be found.

Are there any trail systems in Richmond Heights or partnering cities?
Yes, Brentwood's Memorial Park