Community Outreach

MapleGOOD is a group for the Maplewood Richmond Heights community members who foster a support network of mutual aid for our community and in partnership with 
neighboring communities and organizations. Learn how to participate in the group and give local by visiting their Facebook page at @mapleGOODmo.

The Hope Box mini pantry, located in front of THE HEIGHTS Community Center,  was 
created by the 2017-2018 Richmond Heights Mayor's Youth Council. The materials from the original donation box were donated to the Youth Council by Menard's and the sign on it reads: "Take what you need, give what you can". The Hope Box is used daily and receives many visitors. Please donate non-perishable items only.

Please check back often for our list of upcoming programs and special events!
For more information, check out the PARC Magazine here or
call THE HEIGHTS Community Center front desk at 314-645-1476.