After You Plea

Please be advised: the Violations Bureau Schedule may not apply to your fines in court.

If You Plead Guilty

  • You will be sentenced that evening.
  • The Court may allow you time to pay your fine. If you are given an extension to pay the fine, you will receive a sheet explaining payment. Read the sheet carefully. You are responsible to meet any and all deadlines, payment amounts and other sentencing guidelines. The court is not responsible for your failure to do so.
  • Make sure you appear on the court date noted on the sheet if you have not paid your court fine and/or costs as instructed. Failure to appear in Court on the date required will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest

If You Plead Guilty with an Explanation

  • This gives the Judge the opportunity to consider any unusual circumstances which you believe may be in your favor before you are sentenced.

If You Plead Not Guilty

  • Due to the number of cases before the Court each month, and because of the need to have the officer and any witnesses present, your case can not be heard on the night you enter your plea of not guilty. You will be given a future court date for trial.
  • At trial, you have the right to testify or remain silent.
    • If you remain silent, it is not considered an admission of guilt.
    • If you testify, the judge may consider any statement you make in determining your guilt or innocence.
    • Whether the case is presented by an attorney or the defendant, all parties are held to the same standard of law and legal guidelines for presenting a case at trial. 
    • Court clerks cannot assist you with preparation of your case. You will be responsible for knowing how to present your case at trial. 
  • You have the right to have subpoenas issued and served for witnesses on your behalf to appear at the trial.
    • You also have the right to question all witnesses who testify against you at the trial. 
  • Your case is tried in Municipal Court on your court date.
    • If you are found not guilty, the case ends.
    • If you are found guilty, you may accept the Court's decision or appeal your case to the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, where you will have a new trial with a different judge. The request for appeal must be made within ten days of the Court's decision and cannot be extended for any reason. A $30 filing fee may be collected with your appeal which will be sent to the Circuit Court of St. Louis. Complete details of the appeal procedure will be explained to you by Court personnel upon request.