The primary objectives of the Richmond Heights Fire Department (RHFD) are to save lives and minimize property damage.   In addition to the application of  fire fighting methodologies, the goal of saving lives extends into Emergency Medical Service (EMS) situations, such as heart attacks, asthmatic distress, and broken bones, as well as rescue operations of all types.
In order to achieve these objectives, the employees of the RHFD are regularly engaged in training to keep their fire science, rescue and EMS skills sharp. They meet with schools and other public groups on fire safety matters, attend neighborhood functions when requested, conduct annual fire code compliance inspections of all business entities in Richmond Heights, (including those at Saint Louis Galleria, The Boulevard-St. Louis and Richmond Center) and are involved in a host of other activities. 
Fire Department personnel also participate in a number of community service projects, such as a smoke detector distribution program for Richmond Heights residents and collecting donations for various charitable causes such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Back Stoppers, Veterans assistance organizations, Breast Cancer Awareness and Burn Camp.

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