Who do I contact for...?

General Inquiries

City Council meetings/agendas/minutes, City ordinances, Public Information Requests, etc

Business licenses, merchant licenses, and liquor licenses

Solicitation permit, garage sale permit, block party information, etc

Residential Occupancy & Commercial permits & inspections, building permits & codes, planning and zoning inquiries, property violations, etc

Parking tickets, court dates & information, bail bonds, jail inquiries, warrants, etc

City budget, tax information, etc

Special events, summer camps, City tree maintenance, swim lessons, tree plantings, facility & park rentals, fitness memberships, city beautification, classes, etc

Trash/Recycling/Yard waste, sidewalks, excavation permits, sewer, street lights, PODs/dumpster permits, flood plains, road work, mosquito spraying, snow removal, leaf collection, etc

Water, sewer, gas, electric (general utilities) problems or questions, etc

General safety, police records, accident report, identity theft, etc

Smoke detectors, fire alarms, commercial fire inspections, ambulance fees, etc

Loose/wild animals, road concerns on Clayton Rd/Big Bend Blvd/Hanley Rd, electrical/mechanical/plumbing inspections, property tax payments, assessed values, etc

Requests from the media

Other inquiries...