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Notify the Election Board if there is a legal name change either in person or in writing.  Notify the Election Board if there is a change in address either in person or in writing. ALL address changes must be submitted to the Election Board by the 4th Wednesday before an election to make sure you receive your notification of polling place postcard and that you are listed in the correct polling place binder.


November 8, 2016 General Election
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August 2, 2016
 Primary Election

Issues & Candidates

To view the full ballot content report of candidates & Issues for this election, please 
Click this link. 

August 2, 2016
 Primary Election - Absentee

Please note: The August primary ballot will contain both candidates and propositions. Voters must select a party preference when requesting an Absentee ballot if they want to vote for candidates.If you do not choose a party preference, you will be sent a nonpartisan ballot which contains propositions only – no candidates.

If you would like to apply for an Absentee ballot for the August primary election by mail, please click this link to obtain an Absentee application. The last day to register for the August primary election is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

Absentee voting for the August primary election begins on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 and will remain open during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. throughMonday, August 1, 2016.

In-person (office) absentee voting will also be available two Saturdays prior to the election. The Election Board will be open 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 23 and Saturday, July 30.

Absentee mail applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2016. This is the last day we are permitted to mail an absentee ballot.

Members of the armed forces, and overseas civilian voters must submit their absentee ballot application by5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 29, 2016.

The Election Board office will also be open until 5:00 p.m. for absentee voting on the following days: July 5, July 6, July 15July 22July 25July 27July 29, and August 1.

August 2, 2016 Primary Election-Polling Places by District 

Check here for list of Polling Places by District to be used in the August 2, 2016 Primary Election.



Municipal Election - April 5, 2016 


The election results are: 

Mayor:  Jim Thomson

District 1:  Joan Provaznik

District 2:  Rick Vilcek

District 3:  Megan Moylan

District 4:  Danny Hebenstreit

election results - BOA

General Information
Sample Ballot
Voter's Guide via the St. Louis Post Dispatch
Mayoral Candidates (2)
District 1 Candidates (3)
District 2 Candidates (2)
District 3 Candidate (1)
District 4 Candidates (2)
Proposition Y - MRH School District
Propsition B - St. Louis County-wide
Proposition Y - MSD Wastewater

Proposition S - MSD Stormwater

General Information
This fall, candidate filing will start for the position of Mayor and for four(4) Richmond Heights City Council positions for a regular municipal election to be held April 5, 2016. The Mayor’s seat and one seat each for the City’s four Council Districts will be up for election to  fill a term ending in April of 2020.

If you have questions, please contact Deputy City Clerk Pat Villmer, at 314-645-4595.
Voter registration cards are available at Richmond Heights City Hall or at the Board of Elections office in Maplewood.  For more information on Voter Registration, click here.

f you cannot get out to vote, please try to vote absentee ballot.
See information from the County Board of Elections Website below:

April 5, 2016 General Municipal Election - Absentee

If you would like to apply for an Absentee ballot for the April municipal election by mail, please click this link to obtain an Absentee Application.
The last day to register for the April municipal election is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Absentee voting for the April municipal election begins on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 and will remain open during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through Monday, April 4, 2016.

In-person (office) absentee voting will also be available two Saturdays prior to the election. The Election Board will be open 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 26th and Saturday, April 2nd.

Absentee mail applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. This is the last day we are permitted to mail an absentee ballot.  
Members of the armed forces, and overseas civilian voters must submit their absentee ballot application by 5:00 p.m. on April 1, 2016.

The Election Board office will also be open until 5:00 p.m. for absentee voting on the following days: February 25, March 7, March 9, March 11, March 14, March 25, March 28, March 30, April 1 and April 4.

Sample Ballot
from County Board of Elections 

  April 5, 2016 General Municipal election-Issues & Candidates -
To view the full ballot content report of candidates & Issues for this election, please Click this link. 


Voter's Guide via the St. Louis Post Dispatch

 Please note: (I) means Incumbent, or current seat holder. 
In an effort to learn more about each candidate, the City asked the 4 questions below. 

1. What personal information about yourself and your family would you like to share with voters in Richmond Heights?

2. What information about your career or occupation would you like to share with voters?

3. What information about your political experience would you like to share with voters?

4. In your opinion, what are the three most important issues put before the City of Richmond Heights? 

Each candidate's responses and photos are below.
Candidates are listed by District and in the order in which they filed.  

                                               Mayoral Candidates

Jim Thomson    

j thomson

1.  I am a lifelong resident of Richmond Heights.  Six generations of my family have lived and attended school and church in Richmond Heights.  My wife Kathy and I and our two children lived on Harter Avenue until the highway expansion.  We now live on Claytonia Terrace.

2. I spent 34 years in the St. Louis Public Schools.  I started as a teacher and coach and retired as a high school principal.  The professional and leadership skills, which I learned in my career, prepared me to serve as your mayor.

3. I served as a Richmond Heights councilman from 2008-2012.  I started several community based initiatives:  monthly meetings were started in District 2 and they continue today; a telephone alert system was put in place to notify residents of important issues; and regular meetings were held with the residents of the Hadley area that kept them informed of all developments.  Establishing community connections is very important.

4.  I think the three most important issues are: 
* Keep Richmond Heights as an inviting and thriving community to live, work and raise a family.

* Engage the community by asking our residents to look at and make recommendations on our: Regulations and ordinances;  taxes and spending; Parks and recreation; public safety.
* Focus on opportunities by better promoting the businesses in Richmond Heights and encouraging others to locate here.

James Beck                                      jbeck cropped

1. I was born and raised in Richmond Heights. I graduated from St. Luke the Evangelist School in Richmond Heights in 1970. My wife, Judy (nee Finger), have five children born and raised in Richmond Heights as well.  

2. I am currently a mortgage banker/broker with Essex Residential Mortgage, LLC.  

3. I was first elected mayor in 2008. Prior to being elected mayor, I served three terms on the Richmond Heights City Council representing the residents of District 3.  I served as a City Council Member from 1994 to 2006 and have served as Mayor since 2008. With those 20 years of experience as a foundation, I am well-positioned to work with the City Council and staff on the many intricate issues now before the City Council.

4. I think the three most important issues are: 

* Ensure the residents are safe.
* Exercise good fiscal practices to ensure we can provide all of the services that make Richmond Heights such a great city and make us able to keep our infrastructure well maintained.
* Continue to work toward future policies that will continue the high level of quality of life that Richmond Heights residents deserve.  

                           *District 1 Candidates*

Greg Vescovo

g vescovo smaller new
1. I was born and raised in St. Louis. I attended the University of Dayton for undergrad and the University of Dayton School of Law for Law School. While in law school I was recognized for Pro Bono Commitment to the Community for volunteering with the Missouri State Public Defender.  I met my wife Katherine while at the University of Dayton. We have been married for 4 years and have two children. We moved to Richmond Heights in July of 2013.

2. I passed the Bar Exam in 2010 and I am an attorney with Dowd & Dowd, PC specializing in workers’ compensation, personal injury and legal malpractice.

3. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2007. I spent a semester in college working in Washington D.C., as an intern for a Congressman.

4. I think the three most important issues are: 

*Increase residents' sense of community by encouraging greater communication within our neighborhoods.

*Ensuring our community's safety by building relationships between our police officers and the community they serve.
*Maintaining our family-oriented neighborhoods while looking for the right opportunities to grow our local economy.

Mark MuellerMFM Photo

1. My family has lived in Richmond Heights since 1936.  Currently, six of my siblings as well as my mother, wife and three children are happy to call Richmond Heights home!

2.  I have been practicing law for approximately seventeen years, which would certainly help on the City Council.  In addition, I am a small business owner, so I can appreciate not only the needs of the residents, but also the area business owners.

3.  I have been active on the Richmond Heights Board of Adjustment and Appeal and Chamber of Richmond Heights Commerce Board of Directors for several years.

4. I think the three most important issues are: 
* Maintaining the family friendliness of Richmond Heights, such as with the addition of parks and green spaces.
* Attracting more businesses to the City, especially along Dale Ave. and Big Bend Blvd.

* Improving the educational and cultural opportunities available to residents.

Joan Provaznik


1. I have lived in Richmond Heights for 27 years with my husband and three children.  We are members of Little Flower Parish.

2. I have an undergraduate business degree from William Woods College and a law degree from St. Louis University.  I have previously worked in public accounting and am currently the Business Manager at Bishop DuBourg High School.

3. I do not have any political experience but have held leadership positions in several organizations. I have been the Richmond Heights Historical Society Treasurer since 2004.

4. I think the three most important issues are: 
* Maintain the city as a residential area and balance that with commercial and economic growth.   
* Maintain reasonable services for the residents.  
* Accomplish all of this without putting an undue tax burden on the residents.

                            **District 2 Candidates**

Rick Vilcekcloser r vilcek

1. My family and I have resided in Richmond Heights since 1969. In January 2012, I retired as Chief of the Richmond Heights Police Department after completing nearly 43 years of service. I started my law enforcement career with the RHPD in March 1969. Under my leadership, the RHPD achieved international recognition through the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA) in 2008. The RHPD was reaccredited in 2011. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and served with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from 1967 through 1968. I possess a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and am a 2003 graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy. My wife, Cindy, and I have three grown children and 11 grandchildren – two of whom attend Maplewood-Richmond Heights Schools. 

2. The City of Richmond Heights is a growing and active community.  I will use my level of commitment and experience to protect the quality of life for the citizens of Council District 2 and the City as a whole with the values and vision to keep the City moving forward. As was evident in the recent 2015 National Citizens Survey, residents continue to rate Richmond Heights favorably as a place to live, work, shop, and raise a family.  Almost all Richmond Heights residents surveyed (96%) gave an excellent or good rating to the overall quality of life in Richmond Heights.

3. Council District 2 residents continue to deserve a councilman who will listen to their concerns and comments. I will continue to hold monthly community meetings on the second Saturday of each month at THE HEIGHTS.  These meetings have been held for the past four years and are a vital part of communicating with the residents; it gives them a formal opportunity to provide feedback and question their elected representatives and for them to receive information on upcoming issues.  

4. I think the three most important issues are: 
* The City’s location makes it an attractive area for commercial development, as well as a location to find very attractive and well-maintained housing stock that has retained its character.  
*I will continue to scrutinize all residential and commercial development opportunities and evaluate each situation to see if it fits into the character of the neighborhood.  
* Along with this, I will advocate to maintain a strong educational environment for the children of this City and to continue to make sure it maintains sound financial position within the context of a fiscally prudent budget.  

Derek Boldenrev D Bolden

1. I grew up in nearby Olivette and graduated from Ladue Horton Watkins High School.  My wife Michelle and our three children moved to Richmond Heights in 2010.  Our youngest Daughter Kiera is a graduate of MRH, class of 2015.  I am a family man at heart and love when all of the family can be together which a challenge is since two are now in college.  I am an Episcopalian and a long term member of St. Timothy’s in Creve Coeur.

2.  I am currently a Manager of IT at Enterprise Holdings, Inc.  I work to support the company’s new technology initiatives including mobile applications and devices.  In 2009 I changed career paths after working over a decade in the Broadcast Television industry.  During my time in TV, I received multiple Emmy nominations and helped burgeoning Cable television network HGTV get off the ground. Throughout my professional life I have displayed a vast ability to think outside the box to uncover innovative solutions.  This is a part of the skill set I hope to bring into public service.

3.  I am a lifelong Independent voter and considers myself a moderate when it comes to politics.  “I have never had any interest in towing any party lines”.  Politics does however run very deeply in my family tree.  My Aunt Betty Thompson is a local civil rights activist legend and a former State Representative.

4.  The three most important things facing Richmond Heights are:
* Smart redevelopment.  I think it will be important moving forward to revise the older ideas and plans to come up with a more common sense/modern approach to where and what needs to be developed.  New development keeps the City moving forward but that should never take away or diminish the appeal of the City’s housing stock.  Adjacent to development is green space preservation and expansion.   This was never really something I thought I would ever champion but there is something to be said about the importance of maintaining a good amount of Green space within any community.  Currently that is a diminishing asset in the city and I will work towards changing that.
* Neighborhood disconnection.  Too many residents in Richmond Heights are disconnected with their neighbors.  I will work on efforts to bring people together and closer.  This will help make the community a safer and more desirable place to live.
* Aging in place.  There are a number of residents who are growing older and there is growing need to allow them to successfully stay in their homes and remain the pillars of the community they are.  I would back efforts to protect and enhance the lives of our Seniors.

                        ***District 3 Candidate***

Megan Moylan m moylan smaller

1. My husband and I have lived in Richmond Heights for 10 years and are grateful to be raising our three children here.  I was elected to the Richmond Heights City Council in April of 2013 and am currently finishing my first term on the council.  My husband, Heath, and I have three children in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights school district. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from Truman State University and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from University of Missouri St. Louis. My prior work experience includes teaching, human resources and social services.  I am an active volunteer for Joe’s Place, which serves homeless youths in the MRH School District.

2. My work experience has prepared me to work with and for the people of Richmond Heights to help them solve problems and to make decisions based upon the needs of the city.

3. During my first term on the city council, I participated in the budgeting process, worked to keep a high level of service for our residents and pushed for the building of a sallyport behind the Public Safety building so that arrestees are not escaping into our neighborhoods.  I look forward to tackling additional issues in our city.
4. The three most important things facing Richmond Heights are:
* Maintaining a high level of service in our city while staying within our budget.
* Preserving the high quality and value of our neighborhoods while also promoting growth.
* Supporting our schools so that we continue to attract and keep young families.

                 ****District 4 Candidates****

Charles Connersc conners

1. I am eager and excited to be running for Richmond Heights City Council.  I live with my wife Melissa and son Patrick, on Surrey Hills Drive.  Believe it or not, I actually grew up right on this very street and have spent most of my life as a resident of this great city.  I have been a member of Little Flower Parish my entire life where I attended grade school.  I then went  to high school at Christian Brothers College High School (CBC).  Following high school, I went to college at the University of Dayton where I was a communication major with a minor in political science.  I earned a master’s degree from Webster University in communication management.  

2.  I am currently employed as an Account Executive for Flat World Supply Chain, a company that delivers innovative logistics and supply chain solutions through customized technology.  I have been in the transportation and logistics industry since graduating from college.  

3.  This is the first public election that I will be involved in.  I am going to do my best to represent the city that I was born, raised and now live in.  I think I bring a mix of progressive and forward thinking coupled with the understanding of what has made Richmond Heights such a wonderful place to live.  

4. The three most important things facing Richmond Heights are:
First, I think we need to take care of the infrastructure around the city.  We need to be sure that our streets are maintained for our residents and those that visit or pass through the city.  
* Second, we need to be attracting the right mix of new businesses.  Try and keep the feel and culture of this great city alive with new restaurants, shops and small business while still being able to add some of the larger national retailers if warranted.  
* Finally, is maintaining a safe community for us all.  We need to make sure that Richmond Heights is an example of excellence in protecting and servicing its residents.   

Danny Hebenstreit 

d hebenstreit

1. I am a native St. Louisan and have resided with my wife and son for the last five years in Richmond Heights. Growing up I worked in my family’s hobby shop, where I was exposed to the intricacies of small businesses.  Through this experience I gained an appreciation of the needs and concerns of small businesses. For the last 36 years, I have been employed by Anheuser Busch, and during my tenure served as a shop steward participating in resolution of issues between labor and company.  

2. I am knowledgeable in many areas of construction, have owned and operated rental property, as well as, restored and renovated properties to increase their value and be an asset to the various neighborhoods. My experience with rental property provided insight to the needs of both landlords and renters.  

3. Through work and personal life I have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service by serving as a United Way representative, building several Habitat for Humanity homes, co-organizing a community park revitalization program, and volunteered in many capacities for local school districts.  I remain a strong advocate for education, am civic-minded, and hope to contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of Richmond Heights.  

4. The three most important things facing Richmond Heights are:
*Promote quality residential development that is compatible with existing neighborhoods, listening to the concerns of the surrounding residents.
*Continue to explore shared services to conserve our tax dollars.
*Explore the feasibility and cost of expanding the number of parks and athletic fields.


Proposition Y - MRH School District Information

PROPOSITION Y - For the purpose of maintaining the current level of student programs and services and desirable class sizes, expanding staffing levels to meet the growing student population, maintaining safe schools, recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers, and paying capital improvements and general operating expenses of the School District of Maplewood Richmond Heights, St. Louis County, Missouri, shall the Board of Education of the District be authorized to increase the operating tax levy ceiling of the District by $0.55 per $100 of assessed valuation? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating levy of the District per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation is estimated to be $4.7869 for residential real property, $4.4036 for commercial real property, $4.900 for agricultural real property and $5.4658 for personal property.

___ YES
___ NO

INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: If you are in favor of the question, place an X in the box opposite “YES.” If you are opposed to the question, place an X in the box opposite “NO.”

Click the link to be directed to the MRH School District website's FAQs on this proposition.
MRH School District website


Proposition B - St. Louis County Out-of-State Motor Vehicle Tax

PROPOSITION B - Shall St. Louis County continue applying and collecting the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors that were purchased from a source other than a licensed Missouri dealer? Rejection of this measure will result in a reduction of local revenue to provide vital services for St. Louis County and it will place Missouri dealers of motor vehicles, outboard motors, boats and trailers at a competitive disadvantage to non-Missouri dealers of motor vehicles, outboard motors, boats and trailers.

___ YES
___ NO


Proposition Y - MSD Wastewater Information

Proposition Y -
To comply with federal and state clean water requirements, shall The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) issue its sewer revenue bonds in the amount of Nine Hundred Million Dollars ($900,000,000.00) for the purpose of designing, constructing, improving, renovating, repairing, replacing and equipping new and existing MSD sewer and drainage facilities and systems, including sewage treatment and disposal plants, sanitary sewers, and acquisition of easements and real property related thereto, the cost of operation and maintenance of said facilities and systems and the principal of and interest on said revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived by MSD from the operation of its wastewater sewer system, including all future extensions and improvements thereto?
___ YES
___ NO

From MSD: 
Proposition Y – Wastewater Bond Authorization:  As it did in 2004, 2008, and 2012, MSD is once again presenting an option to voters for financing the next four of years of wastewater system improvements that are required by the District’s $4.7 billion, 23-year agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. 

If Proposition Y is approved, MSD will issue $900 million in bonds, which will keep wastewater rate increases lower over the next four years. 

If Proposition Y is not approved, wastewater rate increases will be higher over the next four years.

For more information on Proposition Y, please go to www.stlmsd.com and
visit the 2016 Ballot Initiatives page.


Proposition S - MSD Stormwater Information

Shall the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) impose a Stormwater Operations and Maintenance property tax upon all real and tangible personal property within the district at a rate of not more than Ten Cents ($0.10) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) assessed valuation for the purpose of providing revenue for the operations of the district stormwater utility, including stormwater system operation and maintenance, rehabilitation and limited construction of infrastructure and other capital improvements, and an operating reserve? If this proposition is approved, MSD will repeal (a) the existing stormwater operations and maintenance property tax of approximately Seven Cents ($0.07) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) assessed valuation that is imposed on property within the original boundaries of MSD, as defined in the MSD Charter, and within the annexed areas described in MSD Ordinance No. 3753, and (b) the existing monthly 24-Cent or 18-Cent stormwater service charge, that is imposed on each MSD customer account. As a result, a uniform district-wide stormwater revenue system for operations, maintenance, and limited capital improvements will be in place.
___ YES
___ NO

From MSD: 

Proposition S – Stormwater Service Equalization:  The funding and providing of stormwater service is much more complicated than MSD’s function as a wastewater utility.  In general, MSD’s stormwater services are paid for through a variety of property taxes and a $0.24 or $0.18 flat fee on each month's MSD bill.  The amount of property taxes paid by an individual customer - and thus, the stormwater service received - is a function of where a customer lives.  This funding system results in large swaths of MSD’s service area going without meaningful stormwater service.  

If Proposition S is approved, MSD will rollback and eliminate several taxes; eliminate the stormwater fee; and, in lieu of these funding mechanisms, institute or leave in place two service area-wide taxing districts.  The overriding benefit would be that all customers would be treated equally under the new system – ergo, all customers are subject to the same tax rates and all customers receive the same level of stormwater service.  Financially, some customers will see a cut in what they pay annually to MSD for stormwater service; some customers will essentially pay the same to MSD; and other customers will pay more to MSD.  Additionally, if Proposition S is approved, MSD would have “fund balances” left over from the former taxing and fee system.  These fund balances would allow for a finite and limited four year stormwater capital program of ~$67 million starting in MSD’s fiscal year 2017 and ending in fiscal year 2020.

For more information on Proposition S, please go to www.stlmsd.com and
visit the 2016 Ballot Initiatives page.