RH Youth Council

Mayor Thomson is looking for high school students for the 2017 Youth Council group!
They meet once a month in the evening to discuss local government and will complete a community project as well.

Dinner is included!

Click here for a printable application or complete the application below. 
Questions? Contact Mayor Jim Thomson at jthomson@richmondheights.org or call 314-645-4595.

      Are you a Richmond Heights resident?     Yes    No   
What school do you attend? 
What grade will you be in the fall of 2017?  Sophomore   Junior   Senior 
List all clubs and activities you are involved in: 

Do you believe you can commit to participating in RHYC in addition to all of your other activities?  RHYC members meet once a month as a group.  There are only 12 spots so, in fairness to those who apply, we want to make sure we choose those will be committed. 

   Yes  Unsure      
What days/times are you NOT available to meet? RHYC usually meets the 1st Monday (with occasional exceptions) from 6-8 p.m. Dinner is included. 
Name one issue in government and why it interests you. 
Name one idea you have about how youth can contribute to making Richmond Heights a better place.
Are your parents aware and approve of your application to RHYC?     Yes   No
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