Available for Ages 2+

For questions regarding swim lessons contact Nate Wilks, nwilks@richmondheights.org.


Thank you for the opportunity to help you and/or your household members enjoy swimming as much as we do. During this unprecedented time, we're doing things a little differently to keep everyone safe in, on and around the water. Instead of offering group swim lessons like we have in the past we are offering private, semi-private and household swim lessons. See below for more details.

Private Lessons
Do you learn best in a one-on-one environment or at an accelerated pace? Looking to improve a specific set of skills or working toward a personal goal? Or does only one person in your household want or need lessons? Then private lessons are the way to go! Complete the Contact Information and First Participant sections, and we'll get you started.

3 Private Lessons: $75 M/R, $105 NR
6 Private Lessons: $135 M/R, $189 NR
9 Private Lessons: $180 M/R, $225 NR

Semi-Private Lessons
Learning new skills can be even more fun with a friend! Two participants from the same household with similar swimming abilities, ages or goals can learn together with the same instructor. Complete the Contact Information and First & Second Participant sections so that we can get the ball rolling!

3 Semi Private Lessons: $105 M/R, $135 NR
6 Semi Private Lessons: $180 M/R, $240 NR
9 Semi Private Lessons: $225 M/R, $315 NR

Household Lessons
Swimming is an invaluable, lifelong activity that can be learned and enjoyed at any age, and with us, you can make it a family affair! Up to three members of your household can join us for these private, small group lessons. Tell us about each person's experiences, interests and goals in the following sections.

3 Household Lessons: $135 M/R, $165 NR
6 Household Lessons: $240 M/R, $300 NR
9 Household Lessons $315 M/R, $405 NR

How to Register

Click HERE to fill out and submit your registration form now!

Completing the registration form is the first step in registering for swim lessons at THE HEIGHTS.  Payment must be made in full before lessons begin. Lesson packages must be used within three (3) months of purchase.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policies
Lessons missed or cancelled for any reason without 24 hours notice will not be rescheduled. Any rescheduled lessons will be completed as our schedule and instructor availability allows.

Late Arrival
Lessons begin at their scheduled time and will not be extended due to the late arrival of the participant(s). Any participant who does not arrive within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time will forfeit the entire paid lesson. Semi-private and household lessons will begin and end at their scheduled time; late participants may not extend their time due to lateness or receive a make-up for absences.

All participants must wear traditional lined swimsuits as required by the St. Louis County Health Department. Sports wear and athletic attire are not suitable substitutes. Additional clothing may be worn over the swimwear for cultural, religious or modesty purposes. These items must be close fitting and preferably made of polyester, nylon, lycra and/or spandex materials as cotton increases the train on pool filtration systems. Every participant must rinse thoroughly in the on deck shower prior to enter the pool.

COVID-19 Safety 
For the safety of our participants and instructors, only individuals residing in the same household will be allowed to participate in our semi-private and household lessons. By doing so, participants will not be required to maintain the six (6) foot distance between each other and may share instructional equipment, which is disinfected after each lesson. Instructors will wear masks on deck and clear face shields in the water to reduce the risk of droplet transmission between instructor and participants. Masks are required of all individuals on the deck, per St. Louis County Health Department.