Park and Pavilion Reservations

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Deer Creek Park Pavilions:
3200 Laclede Station Rd., Maplewood, MO 63143 (Click to map it!)

Resident, $35/day; Non-Resident, $60/day
Electric, lights on all the time, drinking fountain, 3 BBQ pits, large parking lot, 12 large tables that seat 20 each. Holds about 240

Deer Creek South

Resident, $30/day; Non-Resident, $50/day
Electric, lights, drinking fountain, closest to baseball field, 3 BBQ pits, 9 regular size tables that seat 8 people each. Holds about 72. 

Deer Creek North

Resident, $20/day; Non-Resident, $30/day 
Electric, lights (need to be ordered for rental) drinking fountain, running water spigot, right next to restrooms, close to play ground, 1 BBQ pit. Small parking lot (handicap space provided), 6 small tables that seat 8 each. Holds about 36-48. 

Deer Creek East


(Formerly "Junior High Park")
2400 Sutton Ave, Maplewood, MO 63143 (Click to map it!) 

Resident, $20/day; Non-Resident, $30/day 
Electric, lights (need to be ordered if staying after dark), restrooms, water faucet, drinking fountain, 1 BBQ pit, 8 tables that hold 8 each, holds a total of 64. 

Ryan Hummert 

7875 Dale Ave, Richmond Heights, MO 63117 (Click to map it!)

Resident, $20/day; Non-Resident, $30/day
Electric, lights, drinking fountain, restrooms, 1 BBQ pit, seating for about 50. 

  • The restrooms are open April 1st-Nov 1st. These dates are subject to change according to the weather.
  • Fields and lights can only be used by paying the fees for those services, the field and/or its lights do not automatically come with a Pavilion rental. The park is open to public use, first come/first serve unless you have purchased the necessary permits to privately use the pavilions & fields.
  • If there is a problem at the park the police will be called to settle the disputes over these matters. The renter must have their permit with them while at the park.
A.B. Green


2500 Westpoint Dr, Maplewood, MO 63143

Resident, $20/day; Non-Resident, $30/day 
Electric, lights, drinking fountain, restrooms, 1 BBQ pit, Multipurpose field seating for 24

Kellogg Park Website

1250 Highland Terrace, Richmond Heights, MO 63117

No rental fee (first come first serve basis.)
Amenities include: Playground for youth 2-12, covered picnic table, and a splash pad.

highland 1


Splash Pad:

The splash pad is only open seasonally, May 15th-September 30th each year, weather depending. It has a timer which allows park users to press a foot button located next to the splash pad. It can be activated between the hours of 10a-8p. It is on a sequencer that will run 3 nozzles for a minute, then another 3 nozzles for a minute; then it shuts off. The user will need to press the nozzle again to continue play. The splash pad also has a sensor so it is not suppose to activate during rain or freezing weather (should that occur prior to September 30th).


Deer Creek Fields 
South Field (soccer field) 
Without lights, Resident, $15/hour; Non-Resident, $25/hour
*With lights, Resident, $30/hour; Non-Resident, $50/hour 

North Field (baseball field)
Without lights, Resident, $15/hour; Non-Resident, $25/hour 
*With lights, Resident, $30/hour; Non-Resident, $50/hour

* $50 light key deposit required 

Deer Creek Sand Volleyball Court

Without lightsResident, $5/hour; Non-Resident, $8/hour 
With lights, Resident, $10/hour; Non-Resident, $16/hour 
Picture of the sand volleyball court here

Ryan Hummert Field (Formerly Junior High Park)
*No lights available on the field, Resident, $5/hour; Non-Resident, $15/hour 

A. B. Green Field 
Without lightsResident, $15/hour; Non-Resident, $25/hour 
With lights, Resident, $30/hour; Non-Resident, $50/hour 

Must be at least 21 years of age to rent.


  • Carve, spray paint, or damage any picnic table, bench, play equipment, wall, floor or other facility or structure. Also, do not carve, hang on, or pull off any limb on any tree or shrub.
  • Tack or tape anything to any tree, wall, or post. Taping plastic tablecloths to tables is permitted provided that all tape is removed after the event.
  • Park or drive any vehicle or trailer on any lawn at any time.
  • Picnic in any area other than in pavilions.
  • Start a fire in any area other than a city or personally owned fire pit.Fire must be completely extinguished before leaving.
  • Remain in the park after closing, unless attending or participating in a ball game.
  • Bring animals of any kind into the Park (dogs are allowed on leash only). Be sure to clean up after pet. 
  • Bring or consume alcoholic beverages without permit from the City. NO glass containers or bottles allowed on park property. Permit given once signed and paid for rental - no other fees apply.
  • Engage in loud, abusive, indecent speech, behavior, or be in an intoxicated state.
  • Litter or fail to leave restrooms in a clean and sanitary condition.
In order to have an inflatable or bounce house in a Maplewood Park, you must get approval from the City of Maplewood; there is also now a $100 refundable damage deposit when you are having a bounce house.

In Richmond Heights' parks, you must go through St. Louis County. You can get information about that here

  • When renting an outdoor facility, there are risks of weather issues. We cannot refund due to bad weather after the event has occurred. 
  • If you cancel 30 days prior, you can get a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of your rental, you can reschedule or receive a credit for a future park rental to be used within 1 year (365 days).  
  • To cancel, please call THE HEIGHTS at 314-645-1476.
Interested in renting out a field or pavilion?  Click here!
For more information, you can email Mary Binns at