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Republic Services is our service provider for your trash, recycling, and yard waste needs.

   To see what exactly you can dispose at your curb, click here.  There is also a great tool on their website (screenshot below - click to enlarge!) where you type in what you are looking to dispose of and they can help!  

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* If you'd like to take many different items, you can search for an Electronics Recycling Drive nearby at this site here.  (Missouri E-cycle)

* Best Buy also offers recycling as well - here is a clip from their website with information.
There is a $25 fee for tube TVs up to 32" and monitors. (They will haul them away if you purchase a new one and they set it up as well.) To view it on their site, click here

Best Buy recycling

* Another local option is Pro-Computers & Consulting, located at 6920 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63143.  They offer electronic recycling drop off at their location for free, except tube TVs 32" and larger are $20 each! Great idea to confirm by calling them at (314) 761-6234.

To view a list, click here.  As circumstances may change quickly and often, it's best to call and double check.


Latex Paint and Oil-based Paints: Latex types can be tweaked to be thrown in the trash but oil-based must be recycled.  More information can be found on the Lowes Home Improvement website.


The City of Richmond Heights Police and Fire Department would like to share information about the disposal of medications and sharps.  These departments do not offer a permanent drop-off location for either of these items. (uPDATED: As of 2016, the City of Maplewood now offers 24/7 medication disposal service.)
For a list of other locations for medication drop-off, click here.  

* Walgreens Pharmacy also offers the service. Here is information on their program: 
        The Safe Medication Disposal Program is an environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused or               expired medications. For $2.99, you can purchase a specially designed postage-paid envelope at any               Walgreens pharmacy counter that allows you to place, seal and mail prescription or over-the-counter                 medications you no longer use for safe, eco-friendly disposal.
            Once securely sealed, the envelope can be dropped into any U.S. Postal Service mailbox where it will            be sent to an approved medication incinerator. A licensed law enforcement official is onsite to ensure no          envelope is tampered with or opened. Ashes from the incinerated envelopes can be used for making               "green" related building materials rather than going into a landfill.
           Controlled substances are excluded from this program due to current regulations. Postage is included             in the cost of the envelope.

If you are looking for other items to dispose of properly,
has a terrific website to help you!

Check it out here

For other inquiries, email Mary Binns at MBINNS@RICHMONDHEIGHTS.ORG.